What We Do

What we do is simple. We assist start-ups and non-traditional businesses in finding payment processing and / or banking partners who can provide the services they need at a reasonable cost.

Typically, our first contact with a client comes after they have been unsuccessful in finding a bank which will handle their business. This is exceedingly common in offshore jurisdictions such as the Isle of Man, where there is a small range of banks with a low tolerance for risk and an aggressive regulator.  But it can happen anywhere, even in the USA with its 4,000+ banking providers, or in traditional banking centres such as London or Switzerland.

  1. We will first ask for enough information to understand the business, its owners, transactional volumes (including forecasts), and needs. We will examine the background information to ensure that there is a good match with our own expertise. Most often, we will want to visit the business and meet the principal owners and / or the managers. 
  2. Next, we match the business needs to our own knowledge of which banks, and where, might be suitable for the client. With the client's permission, we approach the most apposite for an initial indication of interest.  
  3. If the creation of a structure, such as a subsidiary or representative office, is necessary to secure the required services, we will advise on how that should be done, including making introductions to trusted service providers if necessary.  
  4. We will assist the client in preparing documentation for presentation to the chosen banking partners, and make introductions to account managers qualified to handle the business.  If there are compliance questions, we will assist the client in providing correct and appropriate answers. 
  5. Finally, when accounts are successfully opened, we will make recommendations to the client as to how to keep them and maintain a good relationship with the banking provider.