Our pricing is exclusively based on actual work performed and time spent. We do not charge for travelling time, regardless of the distance, or for "waiting time". We do not charge a premium on expenses, but bill disbursements at cost. We do not take commissions or referral fees from banking providers; our charges are to our clients only. We do not charge commissions or percentages on client cashflow or sales. When our job is done, it's done. 

North, Central and South American Clients:

Principal Consultant:   USD 895.00 per hour
Senior Assistant:     USD 495.00 per hour
Junior Assistant   USD 200.00 per hour

All Other Regions' Clients
Principal Consultant: GBP 350.00 per hour
Senior Assistant:   GBP 200.00 per hour
Junior Assistant:   GBP 100.00 per hour

Value Added Tax
VAT is charged only to UK and Isle of Man clients, at the standard rate of 20%.
Travel Policy
We travel economy (or budget, where possible), on all flights under 5 hours in total duration, and business class where travel time is 5 hours or more. We generally stay in 4-star hotels and prefer the Holiday Inn / HI Express chain in most locations. We eat sensibly and do not charge clients for alcoholic beverages.

Billing and Retainers
Our billings are monthly, and our invoices provide a detailed description of work done and time spent. In appropriate cases, we may ask for an initial deposit or retainer.