Case Studies

Naturally, our clients' identities and data are highly confidential. The following are brief descriptions of recent stories.  In the last decade, we have not failed to find suitable facilities for any client.

  • Our client, a highly reputable online gambling operator licensed and based in Malta, had a real problem. The Maltese banks virtually universally will not deal with gambling companies, despite the importance of the business to the local economy. Our client required personal high-net-worth banking for the owners, operational accounts for the business, secure deposits for surplus funds, and protected funds for deposit of player monies.  We achieved all four with a failsafe distribution of risk across several economies.
  • Our client, an Asian-based internet business, required banking facilities to handle a multi-million dollar ICO, but had difficulties due to the nature of the launch and their own physical location. We successfully negotiated an escrow arrangement with a major European bank to handle the launch, which was successful. 
  • Our client, an Isle of Man licensed gambling company with a unique and emerging product, was unable to find a bank even for its office operations (rent and payroll). We successfully introduced the business to a bank which provides all facilities including handling of investor and player funds. 
  • Our client, An Australian mining conglomerate, was not successful in finding a European bank to handle the launch of a major round of fund raising. We successfully introduced the business to a Central European bank with particular expertise in the field and the rest is history.
  • Our client, based on three continents and regulated in Europe, had a cutting-edge product ripe for worldwide launch. It was unable to secure card processing facilities and banking for settlements. We produced both in under three weeks.

These are just some of our success stories. For more granular detail, or if any of these look similar to your own insoluble problem, feel free to contact us for further guidance.